More Luck Now

Finding Your Future

What is Luck?

Luck is a type of pattern recognition that your brain performs to compartmentalize outcomes of situations in which elements of randomness prevail. For our system, we like to re-define LUCK into an acronym for simpler processing. 


Where are you and who are the players in the situation.


What is the game at play and how is everyone involved.


What do you stand to gain and lose?


Since the game is over what can we learn for next time?

How Does It Work?

Our Luck System is a little bit Game Theory, a little bit situational awareness, and a little bit Taoism. We aren’t supplementing a religious or spiritual nature, but rather we are combining properties that people often forget about when life seems most chaotic. Luck is re-purposing the random and the disadvantaging into something that you can seize and control.

What Are Totems?

You don’t need a watch to figure out what time it is, but it does remind you to look. 

Totems are physical reminders that can help ground you in situations that might require foresight and perserverance. 

We provide a few totems through our store that are commonly associated with bringing good fortune or an outlet in situations in which you need mental clarity.



Finding Opportunities

Recognizing and opening your situations in life in order to find moments and opportunities for success.

Physical Totems

Owning and connecting with a physical totem can help you boost your confidence and remind yourself to keep an eye open.

Courses On Positive Thinking

Advanced lessons and seminars about positioning and game theory to showcase the ideal situations that could test your luck against someone else’s. 

Luck Has as Much to Do With Going All In as It Does Folding

Everyone knows that you can be lucky. You can find a $20 on the ground, you can only roll doubles twice in Monopoly, and you can be at the right place when a future soulmate is also there. 

But truly commanding your luck isn’t as random of an opportunity as you might think. Rather the best way to become lucky is to open yourself up to identifying opportunities for you to try your luck.


The More Opportunities You Open yourself too, the more options you have to end up on the right side of lucky.