Since 2004 the world has known about a scientific way to improve your luck.  You can read it in the book “The Luck Factor”. Dr. Richard Wiseman, a British psychology researcher, asked folks why they had “bad luck”. After surveying and interviewing several hundred people, he identified 4 basic issues that provide a path to better luck!

1. Be open to new opportunities

He found that bad luck comes when folks are closed to new ideas or experiences. For example, if you answered “no” to the question “Do you chat with other folks in the grocery checkout line?”, then you will tend to score low on his luck questionnaire!

Chatting expands your network of ideas–and people if you continue over time.  Networking brings new people. New people bring new opportunities. You never know which opportunity will work–so it’s luckier to have more opportunities than less opportunities.

By the way, research shows that most people get a new job through personal contacts! And in most cases, it was someone a bit remote–not a best friend, so to speak. This shows can benefit from distant friends in your network!

2. Pay attention to your hunches

He also found that some folks didn’t act on their hunches. For example, unhappy relationships often lead to the statement “I knew in my heart it wasn’t the best relationship, but I did it anyway.” So, tune into your quiet voice, your source of wisdom, when you can.

One exercise Dr. Wisement recommends is to visit the “wise yogi in the cave”.  When relaxed, do this: visualize entering a cave and walking up to the world-wise person quietly meditating at the other end.

Ask that person your important question. Listen. Feel the wisdom. Learn to trust.

That yogi in the cave is your inner light. See what your inner light offers you as it speaks your answer.

3. Expect good outcomes

This next one might sound obvious, but many folks miss it. “Expect good outcomes.” Be optimistic when embarking on a new path or project.

You’ve heard of the “placebo effect”, right? (That sugar pill that makes people feel better when they think it’s a new medication!). Well, our attitude about most anything affects our performance and outcomes.

So, if we expect good outcomes, we’ve increased the chances of getting good outcomes.

By the way, research on entrepreneurs shows they tend to be much more optimistic about the future than other folks. Well, you have to be optimistic to overcome the obstacles of starting a business!

4. Turn bad luck into good luck

Last, and this is a killer idea: “Turn bad luck into good luck”.

“Good luck on this!” you might say. However, it’s key to opening the door to a lucky life. Think about it. The way we interpret events governs how much energy we generate for plowing back into the future.

Dr. Wiseman’s class on improving luck used a scenario to help students understand the “bigger picture”. For example, he gave a scenario in which the student visits their bank to make a deposit. However, a bank robbery occurs and the student gets shot in the arm!

When asked for their response, the “bad luck” students would say, “OMG, I almost got killed! I’ll be laid up for weeks!”. Meanwhile, the “good luck” students would say “thank God, I wasn’t killed or shot in the head! I’m so lucky!”.   

Dr. Wiseman suggests that we look for the good side of events–the “bigger picture” so to speak. And it’s true. The big picture shows how we can conceptualize our life as bringing good luck into our lives.

It’s not that hard to improve your luck

Let’s continue this journey to improving luck in our lives. Call it what you will: “luck engineering”, “luck improvement”, or “luck awareness”.

One tip I can give you now: avoid gambling! Remember, gambling always favors “the house”. Collectively, gamblers lose far more than they win. So why gamble?

In fact, the process of improving luck means we learn some easy life skills that in turn increase the chances of something good happening. It’s “reverse gambling”! So stay tuned for more tips on getting More Luck Now!

What’s next?

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