Game Theory


If you are in the right location, it’s time to understand your options. Starting conversations, picking up an abandoned book, or even jumping in on karaoke can lead to new experiences.

Who is Playing


Now that you understand what the ‘arena’ or ‘playing board’ looks like, it’s important to know what the other players are in the game. 

We aren’t going to divulge all the information that we have on Game Theories because there isn’t enough space on this page. But we will try and discuss how game theory works on a macro level, and how it might apply to you.

Just because everyone is playing a game, there will always be different factors, roles, players, costs and stakes; etc. 

The easiest way to break this down is a job interview for example. Say there are 3 people who are interviewing with the same person. 

At this point, the resume’s are not a factor because on paper you’re all close enough to be considered so things like presentation, humor, communication skills are what will edge you out from the other players. 

This is where you can take the information presented like Location (what does the office space look like, how did the front desk attendee speak to you, are you able to use the bathroom and determine how some of the potential co-workers are speaking, what their affect is? Any opportunity to build a relationship before you step in the door?)


 Then you simply apply that to yourself as best as you can. Change the presentation of your speech or your attire and give it your best shot.

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