Situational Awareness – Reading List

Can You Learn Situational Awareness From Reading?

This is another one of those concepts where you need to be familiarized with the textbook versions of what everything is bite. You definitely can’t become an expert without at least applying some of these concepts in everyday life without trying things out.

Now I tried to bring in some straightforward materials for approaching this subject, and I will say the one that I think you should start with is Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. This showcases the good and the bad of situational awareness as well as split decision making. But more importantly, I think it instills a strong conceptualization of self-awareness and self-consciousness.

More Reading for Situational Awareness

Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

Blink by Malcolm Gladwell is an attempt to break down the minutiae of a split-second decision by people who are experts and by people who are regular individuals. It features both the good and the bad, the good being a firefighter entering a room and knowing that the ground is about to collapse, and the bad by exemplifying how common it is to be prejudiced.

This is an excellent read to start with, but it is definitely an appetizer and not as substantive to long-term learning of the subject.

Left of Bang

This is a fantastic look into what might be the most situational in a where people on the planet. This book takes the concepts time in the combat programs of the Marine Corps and applies it in a way that is a little intense but understandable. Additionally, it is written by someone who is part of the Marine Corps and part of that teaching program as well as also a Behavioral Analyst. So the PowerHouse behind this text speaks for itself.

You Say More Than You Think

You say more than you think is a lot more directly accessible. This talks about how your body language project more about what you’re saying then what you audibly conveying. Additionally, this book might have the quickest turnaround for you as it is a 7-Day for you to get a better handle on your body language.

Raise Your Social IQ

Finally, raise your social IQ is probably the most direct reference. I would say this is the situational and behavioral awareness equivalent of a thesaurus. This features numerous situations, an event in which you can potentially commit a social faux pas and gives you a quick, easy reference for what you should be doing in that situation so that you can always make the “right” decision.

More Luck Now

More Luck Now Produces the LUCK system, which is a perspective you can take to help enhance your lifestyle and learn to always put yourself in either a winning or learning perspective.

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