Situational Awareness


Woody Allen famously said that “80% of success is showing up.” Take a different road home from work, go to a bar and order a club soda, put yourself in new positions to observe chances.

Where Are You


You cannot make changes in your life or alterations to how you play the big game without beginning to realize the set and it’s pieces. 

Whether it’s finding yourself in a busy food court or a room filled with other people with potentially better resumes, there are always decisions and tactics that you need to play.

Before we get into assessing the risk and the minutiae of finding your strategies and adhering to them, we are going to talk about Location and Situational Awareness. 

I’m not going to be extreme and claim that every room you ever walk into is an arena, rather I’m going to assume it’s closer to a chess board and there are players and pieces. 

If you are in a job interview, what are you wearing? What is everyone else wearing? If someone is looking at you and the other candidates like pieces on a chess board, what are you going to do to showcase your strengths and present yourself as something stronger than a pawn?

How can you fit into your environment and play it against you? Is it something subtle like a different way to set your tie, or is it large like ditching the sport coat and going in with your sleeves rolled up?

No matter what you do, it has to be something. Focusing on that will help pull your mind away from anxieties that might trip you up and this will help play into your psychology as well as the presentation.


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