The Origins of Luck

Can You Learn Taoism and Confuscianism From Reading?

Taoism and Confuscianism have arguably the best base for needing a strong reading list to have a good grasp on the material. Most of the teachings of learnings of this medium throughout history has been learned through Reading.

We’re not going to try and redefine what these mean in a contemporary era, but we do think that this provides a healthy perspective for you. Additionally, I do believe for the best results reading these in this precise order will give you the best result for understanding and internalizing the concepts.

More Reading for Taoism and Confuscianism

The Analects

This might be the easiest one on our list to acquire. The analects by Confucius is one of the first early philosophy books of all time. Discover’s numerous subjects, such as how to go about everyday life, what kind of interactions and relationships you can form with everybody around you. Additionally, it has an excellent approach for structurally setting you up to best define your role in peoples lives and how other peoples lives to play a role in yours as well.

Tao Te Ching

This is another classic work from mid-first Millenia China. This text essentially puts forth a way of integrity, as is a rough translation of the title. It creates a guideline that emphasizes why you should care about how you live your life and how you can find a higher level of enrichment by following through with that creed. Essentially pushing forward Taoism, this story has a touch in nearly every single piece of literature in this list, and you can take apart the influence this text has on any self-help book of the last century.

The Tao of Pooh

This is a really great and fun read that brings all the concepts you learned and identified in a strict format and applies it to a medium that you can more easily identify with. As well as provides a fantastic and contemporary example of these motions in work. I think it is essential to learn the original text before you jump into this one because I believe it is important for you to make your own opinions on what the text translates to instead of having a direct comparison from the onset.

Zen in the Art of Archery

This is one of my favorite books of all time. Zen and the Art of archery showcases a core concept of both taoism and Confucianism in terms of how it applies to your everyday life and the tree that you have picked up. Boiled down, zen and the Art of archery covers the concept of why you should fall in love with a craft and the process and not the results.

Zen in the Art of Motorcycle Repair

This is very much a deconstruction of the text above, which will help you identify and understand why Zen and the Art of archery doesn’t apply entirely to the modern era. How criticism can affect somebody’s life, and how the idea of being good and being the best can ultimately not matter in the annals of time. It’s a very humbling book, and it’s also the only one here that is entirely fictional and narrative-driven

More Luck Now

More Luck Now Produces the LUCK system, which is a perspective you can take to help enhance your lifestyle and always learn to put yourself in either a winning or learning perspective.

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