Karma Taoism & Confucianism


You went on a limb, took a different route, had a life experience and ate crow because of it. Everyone loses at some point, it’s important to know that you can only win if you played the game.

You Win or You Learn


Any high level athlete worth their salt will tell you that you win or you learn. Depending on the cost of your game, this is an established fact.

When you take a strike and you lose, it’s important to remember that other games are going to come back around, there are important takeaways that you need to brandish as you move along. 

Whether it’s striking out instead of securing a date,  getting a job interview, or even playing a game of chance; what happened and where did you go wrong? 

In order to service yourself in the future, are you giving yourself ample time to assess the error and better yourself to improve your odds of success?

Karma is an important concept of ‘what goes around, comes around.’ But the fact is that in todays busy world filled with opportunities and one off circumstances, are you going to miss your come around if you’re not looking for it?

If your time for another win comes around and you haven’t prepared yourself for it, how many chances do you think you’ll have to come out on top?

This is why it’s always important to treat your worldview as a game. There are risks, there are strategies, there are second and tenth chances, are you able to give yourself the edge next time an opportunity comes around? 

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