The Origins of Luck

Luck is what happens when situations end up beyond our control. As soon as the coin leaves your thumb, it’s out of your control. The currency goes up in the air, and it lands one way or the other, which the luckiest of circumstances a split and the coin lands on its side.

But in keeping with the nature of Luck in the most controlled of circumstances, let’s talk about the binary solution to this exercise. This is where we first start to break down the methodology of determining Luck and how it pertains to both us as people and as a concept by itself.

A coin toss only has human input for the first part, and then it’s up to the wind and the toss to determine how it ends up. But, for the average person, it could end up either way because there are too many quantifiables to make it easy to determine. So it’s Luck or 50/50 that it will end up on one or the other. Your placement in the situation is going to be the real determination as to how the odds affect you.

So if a coin toss is defined by its binary value and we are only able to affect the beginning of it, is it lucky or unlucky if it lands on a face that you are cheering for? It’s a probability.[Citation Needed] It’s truly lucky if it lands on its side.

Perspective, in my opinion, is one of the biggest qualitative factors for people when it comes to Luck. It goes back to the idea of things seemingly being out of our control and fate having a helping or a harming hand in our lives.

Luck in Religion

Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism all have mentions of Luck in their sacred texts. Some of them likening it more to the act of fortune, some of them likening it to the subtle guiding hand of their deity.

More important than how each interpretation handles the concept, they each are presenting the same mentality for the individual. “There are things beyond your control, you need to get used to it.”

While we are not here to dispute any sacred texts, we are here to help separate the things that are out of your control and those that you can see coming and pivot for.

The comprehensive history of the human race has countless situations in which a figure went up against impossible odds and came out on the other side. Whole civilizations have been brought to their knees by what could only be construed as God’s will or the purest form of misfortunes.

How could Constantinople win in the battle against superior forces? How did the Pompeiians not see that their mountain would be their downfall? What are the chances that Columbuses ships made it and birthed America at the expense of the people who already lived there?

If history is written by the victors, how have so many bizarre opportunities survived and showcased that events and winners don’t matter when pitted against the true conquerer: chance?

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